Designed for the beginning or returning to dance students. This combo class will bring back the beat and joy that dance brings!

(1.5 hours)

Any color leotard & tights/Dance shorts

Black Tap Shoes

Black Jazz Shoes

2018-2019 DAYS & TIMES

Tuesday 7-8:30pm



Black Leotard & Pink Tights

Black Tap Shoes

Pink Ballet Shoes

2020-2020 DAYS & TIMES

​Monday 6:45-8:15pm


Hip- Hop:

A high energy hip- hop classes for dancers that love to move in a funky fresh style. There is more to hip-hop than just shaking and looking cute!! We will work towards learning hip-hop the correct way.

(1 hour)

Cotton tshirt & shorts/leggings

Tennis Shoes

2019-2020 DAYS & TIMES

Ages: 10/12

Thursday 6:00pm



(1 hour)

1st Class: $52.00

(1.5 hours)

1st Class: $75/mo

Spring Recital Showcase Costume Fee:
$75.00 - Due by November 5th

Registration requires payment of the first 
month’s tuition and a $25 registration fee.

It’s never too late to register at Kidz In Step! 
It’s easy to register from the convenience of your home with our online registration system.


Tumbling & Gymnastics::

This class is for those pre teens that want to learn tumble skills but need a smaller environment to learn in. We are ready to get them moving and to encourage them to succeed.

​(1 hour) or (1.5 hours)

Tight fitting cotton shirt & cotton shorts

Cheer shoes or bare feet allowed

In a non competitive environment these students will build on the foundation of gymnastics and gain confidence in a small/safe atmosphere. These gymnast will learn skills on each of the equipment throughout the season.

(1.5 hours)

Leotard and gym shorts

Tight fitting cotton shirt & cotton shorts

No shoes or socks

2019-2020 DAYS & TIMES

(Must be evaluated for any other placement)

Monday 7pm

Thursday 7pm



Learn the technique of CHEER & tumble skills while learning skills on the gym apparatuses as well.

2019-2020 DAYS & TIMES

Wednesday 7:30pm



(1 hour)

1st Class: $52/mo

(1.5 hours)

​1st Class: $75/mo

Classes can be mixed matched

​Spring Recital Showcase Costume Fee:

Registration requires payment of the first 
month’s tuition and a $25 registration fee.

10 -12 Dance & Tumble Programs

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Classes below are Beg. - Beg-Intermediate Classes

(Evaluations must be done before other placements can be given)

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