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Covington, GA


This class is for the gymnast that is not a young 4 but isn't 5 as of Sept. 1.

Introduces young dancers to the Hippity-Hop beat in a kid friendly manner. All music is age appropriate along with all Hippity- Hop moves. This class will also be introduced to tap skills & patterns. 

(1 hour)

Ages: Older 4 - Younger 5 

(4.5 yrs old, by Jan. 1st)

Any color leotard and tights
Pink leather ballet shoes for ballet
Black tap shoes for tap

1st Class: $52/mo
2nd Class: $47/mo (10% discount)
Classes can be mixed matched

Spring Recital Showcase Costume Fee:
$65.00 - Due by November 5th

Registration requires payment of the first 
month’s tuition and a $25 membership fee.

2019-2020 Days & Times:

Thursday 5:00pm - Tap/Hippity Hop Combo

The In between age 4 -5 Programs

It’s never too late to register at Kidz In Step! 
It’s easy to register from the convenience of your home with our online registration system.

Gymnastics Classes:

2019-2020 Days & Times:

Monday 5pm

Phone: 770-385-3320